Текст песни Michael Jones - Guitar Man

I thought I told you if you went away
With you gone my life would just be a disaster
I'm not the kind to kneel and beg you stay
What's going on in your head tell me what's the matter

I know it's hard for you while I'm away
Left alone you sometimes wonder why you bother

Cos deep inside you loose hope every day
Thinking that I could be somewhere with another
Ooh baby I your heart's uptight don't let my love for you get out of sight
Ooh baby if I stay the night. Don't turn your back don't you turn out the light
Life can be tough with a guitar man

I tried to live my life another way
Went to work from nine till five like any other
But being a guitar man who can't play
Is like a searcher who has nothing to discover

It's getting late and I have to go
So what's the use in crying
It can't change much now
It won't be long till I'm back off the road
When I come back will you see me
Do your best to please me
Don't stay away I just can't get on without you

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