Текст песни Bound For Glory - The Awakening

I've spilled my blood, I've soiled this earth
Destined to conquer, pure by birth
Forged in steel, yet hard as stone
The most feared this world has known
I'm in your soul, I'm in your heart
I've been there right from the start
I'm your spirit that wants to awake
I'm that part of you, you just can't shake

Hail to the loyal, hail to the bold
Hail to the northern heart and soul
Hail to the kings, hail to war
Hail to the breed we're fighting for
Hail to life, hail to death
Hail to the gods that gave me breath
Hail to the spirits, hail to their hate
Hail defenders of the faith

I've been through fire, I've been through snow
I've been to places no man goes
I've seen destruction, I've heard its calls
I've seen mighty civilizations fall
My eyes are yours for you to see
I will show you the cycles of history
Follow me I know your desires
For it's the fight in you that I sire

(Repeat Chorus)

Deep in your soul is where I lie
That warrior spirit, not willing to die
A call of the ancients, that forever lasts
I am the testimony of your past
You can't kill me, my powers are strong
Thousand year bloodlines can't be wrong
Follow me, I know your desires
It's the fight in you that I sire

(Repeat Chorus)

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